Article Rewriter

In the realm of content creation, the SmallSEOTools Article Rewriter stands out as a valuable tool for writers, digital marketers, students, and researchers alike. This article rewriter employs automated technology to rewrite text, preserving the original message and meaning while significantly altering the wording. Commonly referred to as an article spinner, this tool offers a simple yet effective approach to rewriting articles.

How to Rewrite an Article

Rewriting an article with SmallSEOTools is a straightforward process:

  1. Paste or Upload a Document: You can upload a document in various formats such as .txt, .doc, .pdf, .odt, .rtf, and .tex.
  2. Select Your Desired Rewriting Mode: Choose from the available modes to spin your text.
  3. Click "Rewrite Article": Generate suggestions and synonyms based on your content.
  4. Review and Refine: If you're unsatisfied with the results, click “Rewrite Again” for a different version.

Features of SmallSEOTools Article Rewriter Tool

1. Unlimited Rewriting

The tool serves as your always-on-duty content rewriter, providing you with lots of text whenever you need it.

2. User-friendly Interface

SmallSEOTools offers the simplest article rewriter interface. You don't even need to register or sign up to use it.

3. Free and Quick Rewriting Tool

Ideal for those who need to quickly create unique and quality content to market their website or product online.

4. Deep Spinning

The rewriter tool employs advanced algorithms for deep spinning, ensuring readability and search engine exposure.

5. Multilingual Article Rewriter

Available in multiple languages, allowing you to rewrite text in English, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, German, Portuguese, and Turkish.

6. Highlights Rewritten Content

Easily identify the words, phrases, and rewritten sentences in the results.

7. Expanded Vocabulary

With a vast database of synonyms, the tool provides suitable suggestions for replacing words, improving the quality of results.

Modes of Article Rewriter

1. Smart Spin

Moderate article spinning with a wide list of synonyms. Allows you to manually change highlighted words and eliminate duplication.

2. Ultra Spin

State-of-the-art content spinning that highlights rewritten text and completely removes plagiarism.

3. Manual Spin

Enables you to replace words yourself, providing synonyms lists and allowing you to remove plagiarism on your own.

4. AI Writer

Maintains the context of content while rewriting, ensuring 100% unique text and offering the option to use it alongside other spinning modes.

Who Can Use this Rewriter Tool?

Digital Marketers

Useful for creating blogs, social media posts, or other types of content quickly.


Helpful for completing assignments and other academic tasks on time.


Useful in improving productivity and overcoming writer’s block.


Enables easy reuse of secondary research data without plagiarizing information.

How to Make the Best Use of this Article Rewriter?

  1. Pick a Quality Article: Start with a high-quality article containing valuable information.
  2. Add a Personal Touch: Review the rewritten content and make necessary amendments for better context.
  3. Ensure Originality: Conduct a plagiarism test to ensure the rewritten article is unique.
  4. Make it Flawless: Proofread the text using a grammar checker to eliminate mistakes.

Privacy Disclaimer

SmallSEOTools ensures the privacy and security of users’ data. The tool’s databases are secure and do not contain or pass on users’ information to third parties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Article Rewriting?

Article rewriting is the process of revamping an existing text to make it better and more understandable for its target audience.

2. When Do I Need to Use a Rewriting Tool?

A rewriting tool is useful when time is short, and content must be delivered immediately. It can also help eliminate instances of plagiarism.

3. Is Paragraph Rewriting Good for SEO?

Yes, paragraph rewriting is beneficial for SEO as it allows you to rewrite text or articles without leaving any traces of duplication.

4. What is the Difference Between Article Rewriting and Article Spinning?

Article rewriting involves rewriting content once, while article spinning involves creating multiple copies of the same content.

In conclusion, the SmallSEOTools Article Rewriter is a valuable tool for enhancing your content and creating unique, high-quality articles. Its user-friendly interface, multilingual support, and advanced spinning modes make it a top choice for writers and marketers looking to improve their content creation process.